Mindful Radiance is a skincare ritual inspired by yoga, made to fit your lifestyle

A message from our founder

My idea to create Mindful Radiance as a skincare line formulated with natural, odorless and hypoallergenic products began while I was growing The Chicago School of Yoga. I knew that the “healthy,” “natural” products that already existed lacked something: a human touch.

They were missing a person who cares and who listens to customers; a responsible person who gets bothered at night when the products aren’t representing the intention they were formulated for.

I am Mindful Radiance.

I am the person who makes sure that our developers inject “Loving Kindness” into every ounce of our creams, cleansers, and serums. I am the person who makes sure we use only the finest ingredients that hydrate, firm and tone your skin.

Mindful Radiance never tests on animals. The only “guinea pig” in Mindful Radiance’s lab is me. I’ve tested every iteration of each of our products to make sure that they deliver on the promises we make to you. I’ve also tested many of the products you’re familiar with in the skincare aisle, which is how I know that none of these products will treat your skin like Mindful Radiance’s.

I enjoy speaking to our customers to understand their needs and discuss ideas for our future products. Because I learn volumes from YOU, I encourage you to call me at any time at (312) 600-0038.

Thanks for using Mindful Radiance products.

- Mark B. Weiss

President, Mindful Radiance Skincare, Chicago

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